Thursday, 19 April 2018

About Us: Zimbabwe Website -

Welcome to Zimbabwe Website -

This site is the unofficial Zimbabwean Portal website that literally brings the nation online. Zimbabwe Website, as the name hints, is basically a website where anything to do with Zimbabwe can be found.

We hope to provide as much useful information as possible that will help millions of Zimbabweans and tourists/foreigners who wish to do business with Zimbabwe in one way or another. This website will provide anyone with information regarding visa requirements, accommodation, transport, tourist destinations, food outlets and anything else that anyone planning to visit the beautiful nation of Zimbabwe may wish to know while planning their journey to and around Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Website also seeks to provide Zimbabweans and the country's stakeholders with a platform where registered members can share information and resources as well interact with each other. If a problem shared is a problem half solved, then let's interact and solve our nation's problems in the process.

Various features such as Social Networking, Blog, Forum, Questions and Answers sections of this website strive to help the Zimbabweans and our foreign friends socialize and experience the true Zimbabwean culture which evolves around peace, love and respect for one another.

As this is an enormous website with tens of features, we would need the whole day to explain all the features and benefits of utilizing this website. We hope you will love spending time on this platform.
It is our desire to help contribute towards building our nation through marketing our natural resources and national heritage to domestic and international tourists, as well as to provide a recruitment platform where employment opportunities available in the country are published.

We also strive to grow Zimbabwe Website into a resource that invests in our young people's future by offering online career guidance and a comprehensive e-directory where all degree and diploma studies offered by all our universities and colleges can be listed.

We are always eager to hear from you. If you feel you have a suggestion or any form of assistance/advice you wish to share with us, kindly feel free to contact us and we will always respond as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours.

Your faithful servant,

Muza Mpofu 
(Co founder & Chief Operations Officer)